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How to enable JavaScript

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What is JavaScript, and why do I need it?

In simple terms, Javascript (aka 'JS') is a programming language that runs in your browser (on your computer). JS allows website developers to create more dynamic and interactive applications on their sites than would otherwise be possible. Without Javascript, the Worldwide Web would be a very boring place indeed!

Most modern browsers already have JS capability enabled. If you have arrived at this page then it means you have a browser that is capable - but JS is simply disabled.

On some systems, such as your workplace - it might be the policy of your business to disallow Javascript. In this case, you might need to talk to your technical staff for assistance.

If security is a concern then you can continue to use bloo's basic search feature, however many of the advanced tools and features will not be available to you. Please note however, that bloo has made every conceivable effort to provide services with the utmost in security and stability.

Great, show me how to turn JavaScript on!

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